Napoleon Playing Backgammon with Pope Boniface

I’m not sure in what universe this would have actually taken place, but it’s taking place right here on paper! The Intergalactic Backgammon Championship! Napoleon Bonaparte vs. Pope Boniface! Thanks for the suggestion,… Continue reading

My Couch as a Monster

I certainly wouldn’t want to put my bum on this thing for any extended period of time! Thanks for the suggestion,¬†whatsinapatty!

Bird, Wall, et al.

A Bird. On a brick wall. Watches the world go by in the blink of an eye.

Fire Head… Guy

So I have decided to start drawing my own ideas as well as yours. Hope y’all turkeys jive with that! Here’s a guy with fire for hair.

An Elephant Getting Sucked into a Black Hole

How would something like this happen? Who knows. Maybe a mad scientist had a teleportation laser gun and was trying to save the earth by shooting this sacrificial elephant at the black hole… Continue reading

A Ticking Time Vortex

Hey WSID loyalists! It’s been a while, I’ve been… busy… with LIFE! I’ve finally had a chance to settle down a little bit and draw up some of your suggestions. Here’s one that… Continue reading

Penguin Getting Second Place at a Beauty Pageant Wearing a Bikini.

As per usual the requests you guys give me are super off beat. Thanks for the Beauty and Penguin suggestion, Abbilynn!!

SpongeBob and Patrick

This here is my interpretation of SpongeBob Squarepants and Patrick Star, it is also my first drawing of 2013! Thanks for the Saturday Morning Cartooneriffic suggestion, Chummy Bertulfo!

Dinosaur Winning a Bingo Game.

  I’m pretty hyped about this one, haha. It turned out better than expected, I added a dash of highlighter in there for extra zazz. Thanks for the offbeat suggestion, alldaycreativeinc!

Something Abstract Based on a Piece of Music.

This is what I have conjured up based off the track Sleep by Godspeed You Black Emperor!, who are an amazing Post-Rock band from Vancouver. Below I have added a link to the… Continue reading